Thursday, September 12, 2013

Roger Lewis: 'What do you think of my son Oscar's movie?'

I love this highly original, dreamy short film by Oscar Lewis - son of Seasonal Suicide Notes author and Daily Mail book reviewer Roger Lewis. Titled "John and Iris", it brings to life, in animated line drawings, the reminiscences of his grandparents (John and Iris Dickens) on 65-plus years together. Roger tells me: "Oscar has been working as Tom Hollander's production assistant on a film about Dylan Thomas, A Poet in New York, which is being shot on location in Cardiff. Now one of the reasons why I left South Wales for good as a youngster is that it wasn't in any shape or form Manhattan."


DRF said...

Dear Madame

I hate to see No Comments, so - would you tell me what my declining years hold for me? It is my birthday on Thursday and I'll be 81.

With best wishes, Duncan Fallowell

Madame Arcati said...

I am Chronos returned. In the beginning one must be able to tell the time (and right age).