Saturday, June 02, 2012

Madame Arcati is away - and not seeking a blogging award

Madame Arcati is absenting herself once again (not on a Saga cruise I hasten to add). Whether forever or not I cannot say; never say never. As blogging goes mainstream, and sad little bloggers desperately seek awards and other baubles of recognition and approval, I feel perhaps the time has come for me to move into other territory. Madame Arcati will continue to tweet from @Madame_Arcati. The astrology you know about: if you're interested, you'll find me soon enough elsewhere.

But as I make my exit for now during this Diamond Jubilee-fest, here's a royal recording from Jonathan King. It was made in response to the Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen back in 1977 - Prince Charles was so amused he ordered six copies be dispatched to Buckingham Palace.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Anna Wintour invites you to dine with her and President Obama

US Vogue editor Anna Wintour - my NEW DARLING - is backing Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential race. Madame Arcati predicts his victory - all things being equal. And now Anna invites you - YES YOU - to join her, Jessica Sarah Parker and others (oh and President Obama) at a New York dinner. She advises: 'Just don't be late.'

Anna says: 'I'm so lucky in my work... '