Friday, December 28, 2018

Kevin Spacey is hugged by a Steph

Aw...Kevin Spacey with his former sister-in-law Stephanie Mastini, once married to his brother Randy. It was your dear darling Madame Arcati who years ago told the world of Spacey's proactive sex life of the young men variety. The stories I could tell. I do have to laugh about the Old Vic bitch now fainting at the thought that Spacey's cock quivered in the presence of spunk incarnate. Do fuck off. I have most fascinating transcripts on this topic.  Chauffeur deary! I hope Spacey's career is revived. He is just another daft old queen who thought he could kid kidders. He is guilty of nothing much.

Stephanie's blog is worth visiting. You lazy complacent bastards.