Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Madame Arcati: Why were my online knickers rummaged in?

Thought I'd gone away did you? In your dreams, hybrid bitches and bastards. I have been summoned to life by a most peculiar revelation. Madame Arcati's online knickers were rummaged in. Or to put it in your prosaic terms, someone illegally broke into the Madame Arcati email account for reasons yet to be ascertained. Sometime in 2007 or thereabouts.

People familiar with the world of Arcati will be used to surprises. So here's another. The person who rummaged about in my online knickers is a man called John Ford. He was a private investigator seasoned in the dark arts of blagging - conning his way past the underpaid lumps employed to protect our privacy in various organisations in order to gain access to confidential data, such as contained in bank or email accounts. His principal hirer was The Sunday Times - and if you need further education, this piece in the Guardian is a good starting point.

This is a scandal rumbling under. Mainstream media are sitting on the vibrating spin dryer of this tale of shame and, for all I know, deriving much pleasuring from the experience, with eyes wide shut. Many, many famous people were blagged, claims Ford. Some are well known - Cherie Blair, John Prescott, for starters. Perhaps as I compose this little post they are talking to their lawyers. Who knows but they?

The Sunday Times answers that it is a delver of Plutonic proportions, a digger for dirt without a stain, that's done nothing wrong but ferret for the truth within the law. One hopes so! I wonder what truth was sought in Madame Arcati's online knickers? Especially after I ran a story or two back in 2007 which may have embarrassed certain lifers on the newspaper. Well, in the absence of facts, one is compelled to speculate. What was Madame Arcati to anyone much?

But back to Mr Ford. Ordinarily, I would bring down a curse upon his head and home - people familiar with this blog know its history and what untold damage it has done to transgressors, bullies and cheats. Instead Mr Ford and Madame Arcati have become buddies. I don't quite yet understand the nature of his spiritual or medical epiphany but at some point he saw the light and the error of his ways. He turned against his old muckers at The Sunday Times and elsewhere and spilled with documentary evidence. Google it. It's not on the dark web.

Oh, news to you is it? You need to get in more - read this cunties, or this filth.

Quite what Madame Arcati does next in terms of legal reaction remains to be seen. May be something, may be nothing. After all, there are much bigger fish to fry, aren't there Hacked Off? Even in the world of lawyers, the celebrity values of Hello! hold sway. But shortly, Madame will be talking with John Ford.

Meantime, meet Mr Ford: