Friday, March 09, 2012

Adele is (almost) a neighbour in Hove (probably)

Adele's new home in Hove? I have no idea
Adele is (almost) a neighbour! The public prints report that she has bought a £2.5m 'beach house in Brighton'. No such thing exists of course. There are properties along the congested coast road, none a beach house. More probably she is moving to Hove - where there are 'beach houses' on Western Esplanade at the far end of Shoreham Harbour and worth the price she's paying: these resemble a terraced fort on the beach and are subject to awful noise and carbon farts from container lorries laden with foreign cargo. Western Esplanade is Hove's 'millionaires' Row' and a bunch of celebs treat the neighbourhood as others might a neglected beach hut.

But perhaps she's nowhere near the beach. A source close to Madame Arcati says: 'I haven't a cunting clue.'

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