Friday, October 25, 2013

Curtains - a novel not quite like any other

My novel Curtains is out in early November, available only through Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

A near-death fashion empress writes: 

"This much I recall: I was boarding the Brightworth Pier and I may have just said good evening to the tollgate master when the explosion occurred. In my right hand was the fruit knife with which I planned to end the life of Max Cochrane...."


Elly said...

can't wait to read it, Madame A!


DRF said...

Madame, what a terrifying cover! Naum Gabo meets Monster from the Deep. Is it a terrifying book? You must be mad joining the band of writers, we for whom rejection is a daily dose. But jolly good luck with it anyway. Ask Julian Fellowes to dramatise it.

With best wishes, Duncan Fallowell

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Elly. And thank you Duncan. I shall see that you both receive copies.

People see different things in the cover. Some think it phallic. Others, heavenly.

I think Julian Fellowes would faint.