Thursday, July 07, 2011

Alastair Campbell: A Twitter interview with Madame Arcati in (approx) 140 characters

Alastair Campbell tweeted this morning: 'Vol 3 of my diaries Power and Responsibility published today. Trying out new and interesting strategy - not doing media, off to Burnley.'

So I tweeted back: 'How would you describe your new strategy so I can quote you in blog? 140 characters... '

His Twitter interview in full without Hari-esque additions or refinements:

'Extracts major bestseller. Full vols more historic record. Reviews, word of mouth and ongoing 'normal' media engagement.'

And that's it. Perfect. I hope Madame Arcati counts as a 'normal media engagement.'

Diaries Volume Three: Power and Responsibility (The Alastair Campbell Diaries), click here to buy


Anonymous said...

It is perfect. Beats 2000 words of exposition.

Ciaran Rehill said...

Mystic Meg "You won't be reading the NOTW in 2 weeks!"