Friday, January 20, 2012

Madame Arcati performs a resurrection (before Easter)

Ssshhhh! Don't say anything but I'm back. It's true I died and passed into an astral waiting room and met the Dear Leader and others; but what people don't realise is that you can return to this vale of crocodile tears if you wish - and if your body is still intact.

I won't be updating regularly, just when I feel like it. I am so distressed to read that Andy Coulson is having to sell up his house, take the kids out of private school and ignore Rebekah Brooks at parties - it's no way to treat a former lackey and professional liar, is it?

As for myself, many changes are swirling about - doubtless Neptune's passage into Pisces on February 3 will trigger certain things. I'll keep you informed. It is most important not to get bored, don't you agree? There will be more astrology on this site amid the usual updates on literary and cock-cunting matters. If you don't like it, just fuck off, dearies.

The next big party is Molly Parkin's 80th (no further invites available!) - and Madame will be there. In person.


Anonymous said...

I can see you hovering over the Thames estuary from my kitchen window

Madame Arcati said...

Not me darling, probably one of Boris Johnson's airplanes awaiting the new runway.

Anonymous said...

It's very clever of you to die on us periodically, Madame. It reminds us all of our mortality and only you could involve the death cycle in your vivid existence.

Charles Lambert said...

Welcome back, my dear. (I see you're still considered unsuitable for children, which is a relief.)

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Charles - among other things, I grew tired of being asked by acolytes to give private access to the site. It's simpler to keep on churning.

Children are certainly not welcome here, especially ones with pubes, prejudices and preachy professorial tendencies.