Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nesta Wyn Ellis letter: The return of The Bonker's Daughter!

Nesta Wyn Ellis: the biographer of John Major at home

Dear Madame,

Just enjoyed that YouTube piece with Barbara [Hulanicki]. She figures in my upcoming memoirs - we don't know when the world economy will up perk but I'm waiting - as the woman I interviewed in a jacuzzi in Miami Beach and who introduced me to my editor (the late and much lamented) Susan Hill at Sidgwick and Jackson, who commissioned The Banker's Daughter.

The latter is shortly to be reincarnated as a kindle edition under the imprint "Lioness Books." Those who can't wait to read the sex scenes should buy up one of the few remaining hard copies still available on the Internet if you Google for Nesta Wyn Ellis.

From your Paris Fan Club

Nesta Wyn Ellis

Darling Nesta

So delightful to hear from you! When you mentioned Susan Hill, I thought for a moment you meant that dreadful Aquarian writer who awaits her damehood for services to ghosts - if there's one thing I can't stand is a ...

But I must not permit unpleasantness to intrude on our pleasurable intercourse.

I can't wait to read your memoirs! Among other things, I hope that you will at long last deal with those hissed whispers (which blight London longueurs) on the precise nature of your relationship with former Prime Minister John Major. 

Your biography of him - all the better for the huge access you enjoyed to Number 10 - was by far the best of that genre; and I'm certain 'waspish' AN Wilson (whose voice can be heard on Nicky Haslam's debut 'pop' album) would concur: after all, he described your book as an 'accidental masterpiece'; or something like that. The image of Norma throwing crockery at bespectacled John has never left me.

(Still to be decided among Arcatistes is which PM had the biggest cockerdoodle - John Major or Gordon Brown) 

As for The Banker's Daughter - I wonder which 'Westminster wit' insolently retitled it 'The Bonker's Daughter'. A former political colleague I suspect - and I feel sure that your memoirs will insert a welcome micro-camera into the orifices of yesteryear's body politic.

Have to rush - keep in touch -

Madame Arcati x


Nesta Wyn Ellis said...

Dearest Madame, I thank you for that interesting and very kind note about my novel 'The Bankers Daughter' or if you prefer,"Th Bonker's Daughter". This wonderful nickname for my passionate story set in Westminster and the City, soon to be available on Kindle, was coined by Austin Mitchel MP who published an enthusiastic review of the novel in "The House Magazine". As to whose anatomy evidenced the most potential, my view from the swimming pool at The Grosvenor House Health Club where Gordon was a member in the 1990's indicates that he may be the one most likely to win a prize for size. Prrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

When is Nesta's birthday? Google seems undecided.