Sunday, September 02, 2012

Nesta Wyn Ellis letter (2): Yes, I shed light on which ex-PM (Major* or Brown**) is 'better endowed'

Nesta Wyn Ellis
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Dear Madame,

Thank you so much for reminding the world that the Banker's Daughter was nicknamed The Bonker's Daughter, thanks to the many and detailed sexual encounters. Yes, it was given this name by Austin Mitchell MP who reviewed the novel in The House Magazine.

You are right that my John Major biography was referred to as "an accidental masterpiece" [by AN Wilson].

As for my memoirs, two exciting volumes await world attention but I'm holding on until I can find a publisher who can actually read anything longer than a Tweet. I do indeed shed light on the question you raise about whether John Major* or Gordon Brown** is the better endowed.



*'Better endowed' may be meant in one of a number of different ways. It is not suggested that she and Major had anything other than a professional relationship.

**It should be explained that Nesta used to spot Brown at a 5* London hotel health club - see comments in previous post, linked above.

***Nesta can be a bit of a tease....

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Grosvenor Bitch said...

If NWE's memoirs were any good they would have been published by now. poor Nesta. Deluded as ever.