Monday, September 10, 2012

Barbara Hulanicki - 'Fashion today is so boring'

Further to my last post on the Barbara Hulanicki/Biba Brighton exhibition later this month, here's an excellent documentary interview with the fashion legend, created by Jo-ann Fortune for Visit Brighton. Unusually, she opens up and talks about early motivation (to be independent; not to have a life like her mother's), creating black nappies for her baby son ('rebellious') and how fashion today is 'so boring... it needs to be cleaned out'. I love her sci-fi jacket. Pure Doctor Who villain.


NB said...

I loved Biba.......what a great interview, is Barbara still over at end of month for her show? I will come down for it

Anonymous said...

BH is indeed a legend. Will be going to the exhibition.

Bars said...

She looks like one of the aliens in Mars! Attacks!