Monday, September 17, 2012

Doris Day seeks your support for her '4-leggers' charity

My very dear friend Doris Day has written to (the likes of) me, seeking help for her animal charity, the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF). You can donate or at least vote for DDAF on Facebook; links below in her letter. While Madame Arcati prefers cats - largely because they are commitment-phobes - I recognise that dogs require our extra help, as creatures inferior to pussies. All my love, MA x

Dear Friends,

The Doris Day Animal Foundation is very close to winning a grant from Chase Community Giving,
Doris Today
Doris & Duffy Day
but we need a favor from you today to reach our goal. The 4-leggers, especially our beloved senior pets, need so much from us.  And any award from Chase would go a long way toward providing them the extra medications and special care they require.

Won't you please vote for DDAF today?  Voting ends September 19 at 9pm ET, so clicking today is important!

Please cast your vote for DDAF today on Facebook. And, if you are a Chase account holder, you may cast an additional vote by searching for "Doris Day Animal Foundation" at - click here.

Would you please tell your friends?  By all means, forward this email to anyone who shares our dedication to the 4-leggers! 

You have my sincerest thanks! 


P.S.  The Doris Day Animal Foundation is now on Facebook and Twitter! Be sure to join us by clicking the buttons below!

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