Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nesta Wyn Ellis: Three movies planned - one with a three-in-a-bed shocker

Nesta Wyn Ellis
While the world awaits the memoirs of Paris-based biographer and chanteuse, Nesta Wyn Ellis, and her conclusion therein on who, in her view, is the biggest ex-PM (Gordon Brown vs John Major - the former she used to spot in a 5* Park Lane hotel health club), I learn that she has not one, not two, but three film productions in development. These are in addition to other work undertaken by her Paris Film Productions - visit the site (click here) and enjoy sample film reels to Nesta's exquisite piano rendition of La Pluie d’Amour.

The first of the movies is €10 million Three Days In September. This will mark her debut as film director and screenplay writer. A 'passionate plot' is promised, perhaps stoked (if not poked) by a three-in-a-bed scene. Documents I have seen suggest money is being raised in Europe and the UK: principal cast requires one actress and two actors from three nations: France, Germany and the UK. I gather that the story alternates between the modern day and 1939 - we may safely conclude that if Hitler should have a walk on part, he will play himself. (As an interesting aside, Hitler is listed on movie site Imdb along with the likes of George Clooney and, er, Una Stubbs, et al; and is linked to at least 348 film productions - click here.)

Three Days is described as an 'international co-production'. Its musical director is notable theatre and cabaret composer Charles Miller. Nesta's romantic ballads and songs (in French and English) will be an 'important feature' of the movie and sung by the heroine.

Nesta also plans to turn her notorious novel The Banker's Daughter (nicknamed 'The Bonker's Daughter' by Austin Mitchell MP in a review for The House Magazine - produced for and by Parliament) into a feature film.

The third film is an Anglo-French affair, set on a tropical beach. This, and Three Days, will aim for visual gorgeousness and harness some of the cinematographic ideas of European art-house - Fellini, Antonioni, Malle (and for all I know, my distant relative, Pasolini).

Pour a glass of champagne and settle down to watch Nesta star in the short movie below, Bolsa de Huesos y Recuerdosdirected by Beatriz Ciliberto

Nesta Wyn Ellis in Bolsa de Huesos y Recuerdos by parisprod


NWE said...

Dear Madame, Thank you once more for being so kind as to write about my artistic projects. I'd hate people to think I was still working on the bulges in certain politicians' trousering. No doubt their respective tailors have more real information on the measurments than I do

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Nesta just direct a porn movie? It's would be cheap as chips and probably make a small fortune. The heroine could sing between bjs.

Anonymous said...

Why do you promote this strange female of whom I have never heard?

Anonymous said...

Are you still in short pants, dearie? Nesta is known throughout the Universe!

Anonymous said...

I did a search on Nesta Wyn Ellis and I see she stood for Parliament on two occasions. Is this the same Wyn Ellis?