Friday, November 30, 2012

The Hacked Off petition - please sign, and ignore the Lorraine Kellys

I do hope that the sensible among you will sign Hacked Off's petition.

It demands that Leveson's recommendations be implemented - that our media abide by principles enshrined in statute. For decades, newspapers have made up their self-regulation as they went along, with senior members of the press presiding over complaints: hence the hopelessness of the PCC. 

What did it ever do to unearth the scale of Hackgate?

Currently, most national newspapers are propagandising hard against Leveson. Spurious polls staged on leading questions deliver public opinion results to please media barons while compliant celebrity columnists, who should know better, parrot what their editors tell them to write and say.

Would Lorraine Kelly still be writing for the Sun if she did not say (in effect that) Leveson should be dumped? I think not.

If our supine and spineless PM has his way - ie the way of powerful media bosses, their arrogant fly-by-night editors and their bullied staff - nothing will change at all. If you think everything is just fine with how our newspapers are run right now, then ignore the petition. It's that easy.

The Leveson recommendations are crafted to preserve a free press and, if anything, to add muscle to investigative journalism. As important are the rights of individuals whose tragedies or misfortunes are turned into a commodity by powerful media organisations. 

It's incredible that we 'trust' journalists to regulate their own business.

Think Dowler. Think McCanns. These were not one-off errors but major symptoms of irregularity and arrogance.

To sign click here.

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Emma said...

The scaremongering is truly ridiculous. The proposals are workable and write a
protection for free speech and freedom of the press into statute. Moreover, they are not that different from Finland which scores very highly on press
freedom but has a regulatory body underpinned by law.

We have a chance to decide just what type of press we are prepared to put up with. The current state of affairs is not a 'free press', it is an unaccountable one totally in the grip of powerful individuals who have shown through their
corrupt lobbying that far from calling power to account, they rather blackmail and bribe that power.

Free speech is the most important aspect of a functioning democracy but that
freedom should not only be in the hands of a rich few.