Sunday, November 04, 2012

US Election 2012 Tarot special: cards favour Obama

Adrian Perkins' five card Tarot spread on US Election 2012
Thank you for taking such a keen interest in my last posting - my astrology forecast for the US Election 2012: to read click here. Now, Tarot reader Adrian Perkins of Hampshire, co-partner in the Tarot and healing company Holistica, has kindly shared his own forecast for the US presidential race (see his five card spread above). He writes:

'See attached pic I took this morning of my five card spread for the US election this week . Notice the 2 of Swords represents the electorate - which appears to be indecisive between two candidates - between the King Of Pentacles, a wealthy materialistic businessman , turns most business ventures into gold (Romney) and The Hermit , a more introspective person who goes within more who seeks guidance and is also afraid of letting a secret / secrets or even his true self out of the bag (Obama).

'Notice the Strength shows the power to tame the electorate through compassion and talk. It is Leo (Obama). Notice too that it is numbered 8 (August birthday) The confirmation card - 8 (again an 8) of wands is a fire element - just like Leo being a fire sign. In this card I do see the ladder of success but the spaces in between may suggest this candidate has peaks and troughs like so many others.

'In the last very days of the campaign this card reminds Obama not to let his guard down , to be opportunist and not let victory slip away. I saw no sign of Pisces or water element (Romney) in this spread.' 

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