Sunday, May 25, 2014

Imelda Marcos musical to party at Vout-O-Reenee's!

Molly Parkin cuts Vout's umbilical cord with 'birth-mother' Sophie Parkin (in fuschia, darling) to our right
Even the suits among you know the truth. That I know better. So, trust me. I sense your sexual excitement.

I am therefore delighted to welcome a new club of joy and culture to the London biosphere, launched on May 15. It is called Vout-O-Reenee's and thank God it's in London's Shoreditch and not adjacent to the media whorehouses of Soho and their parasite bar mirror gawpers. Its mother is Sophie Parkin, a Gemini woman of nonpareil good taste and unforgiving insult - and frankly the kind of robust soul required to found and steer such an establishment, dedicated to the artist, the iconoclast, the maverick - in short, to someone who is fresh of flesh yet able to settle her or his bar bill. The Chelsea Arts Club (aka The Old Cunties' Convalescent Home - commodes available on request) must be spitting. They missed a trick when they passed on Sophie.
Muriel Sophie Parkin invites you to party

But don't just believe me. I learn that the very best are flocking to Vout to celebrate the lucrative expressions of their life force. In September, for instance, it is the chosen venue of the after-party for the Fatboy Slim/David Byrne Imelda Marcos disco musical, Here Lies Love. Dubbed a 'poperetta', it opened to rave reviews in New York in 2013. It is the London theatre event of 2014 - and I am delighted that its creatives will celebrate inevitable glory at Vout's. Only the best shoes will be admitted.

I understand that Here Lies Love - created by Talking Heads' icon Byrne and superstar DJ Slim - opens the National Theatre's newly named Dorfman Theatre in the autumn.

See you there, dearies.

For Vout membership details, email: 07753702910. 30 Prescot St, London E1 8AZ

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