Friday, July 14, 2006

Broomfield's Iraq movie

On the Southern train home last night, the carriage I'm swaying about in is suddenly filled with a whiny voice that's familiar to me. I think of fetishistic things, Heidi Fleiss, Margaret Thatcher and other implements of bondage .. ah yes, it's the director Nick Broomfield in his past-it Timberland boots, on his mobile, telling someone his good news.
"I'm on a train, I'm on my way to Emsworth [in Hampshire]. Well, I'm about to make a film. I'm off to Jordan next week, the film's about Iraq, it's with Beyond, and Channel 4 has just picked it up, just now, they just took it up. The film'll need a lot of military hardware and I've got to blow up part of a town, so it could be fun, or maybe not. The film will be a bit like Ghost ...."
Ghost? And he rattles on as we pass Worthing.
Why he didn't hook up his phone to the PA system and let the entire 12 carriages know of his new film is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It depends upon your conception of information, I guess...
I'd rather call that a bagful of crappy gossips by a retired frustrated columnist or an anal-retentive name-dropping whore.

Zork said...

LOL. Did you notice the previous posts are spams ? Anyway, I like your fantasies about the enigmatic "madame Arcati".