Friday, July 07, 2006

Spelling's Bish Bosh Dosh

Queen of the cuts Alison Boshoff of the Daily Mail - a "leggy blonde" with the lucrative cystitis personality - drives her prose tanks onto the paper's centre pages to turf up a lot of muck on Candy Spelling, widow of Aaron - producer of Dynasty, Starsky & Hutch and other glossy TV trash. Yesterday's media reported that Candy had put the family 123-room mansion up for sale for £82m as a prelude to WW3 over the dead man's estate - even that she had moved out already. And Aaron only a fortnight with his maker!
The small problem here is that California's largest home is not up for sale at all - or at least so says Candy, 62. She's still clip-clopping over its six acres and has no immediate plans to sell up. But let not this little detail stop any old excuse to list the glitzy possessions and blitzy feuds of the super rich - a staple of lazy Middle Englanders.

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