Sunday, July 23, 2006

Robert Maxwell: the premonition

The ever excellent Rob McGibbon interviews self-outed licensed killer (or conspiracy fantasist) Juval Aviv in this week's Press Gazette.
Reputedly once a Mossad assassin (claiming he led Israel's Operation Wrath of God revenge attacks against the PLO terrorists who perpetrated the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre), reportedly a consultant on Steven Spielberg's movie Munich (about the above), and now demonstrably a corporate private investigator for New York firm Interfor Inc, Aviv has written his first novel, Max, whose central character is "loosely based on Robert Maxwell".
Plot sell: billionaire tycoon Max Robertson is bumped off and it falls to Sam Woolfman ("a veteran of the Mossad", goes the blurb) to unravel a global conspiracy.
In the PG interview Aviv says he believes Maxwell was murdered. It's a deductive opinion, no evidence is adduced. Suicide is dismissed.
I have no view on the matter. But I do have a short personal dream to relate - it's probably no more irrational a contribution than anyone else's. Two weeks before Maxwell died in 1991 I had what subsequently appeared to be a cryptic premonition of the old rogue's death. It's ambiguous on the suicide or murder question, it could be interpreted either way. Let me know your take. Here it is without further comment:

I'm on a white yacht somewhere at sea - somewhere quite sultry - and I know Maxwell is on board though I can't see him. There's a sense of danger, I feel Maxwell wants to kill me. My attention is drawn to a black, burned-out aga on the topdeck - I have no idea what it's supposed to signify. Then I see Maxwell who pursues me around the yacht. I jump overboard and swim away. He jumps in after me. I make it to a nearby shore, he doesn't. I know he has drowned.

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