Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mark McGowan smothers himself in peanut butter for dying kids

Stunt artist Mark McGowan will mark World Food Day this month by riding around London for 24 hours on a tiny child's tricycle covered in peanut butter. His efforts, in support of Action Against Hunger, aim to raise awareness of a new life-saving peanut-based treatment for 19 million children dying of hunger. He starts his journey at 10am on October 15th 2009 at Downing Street and will circumnavigate London, ending in Greenwich on World Food Day - October 16th 2009.


forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

I admire his versatility and his cause, but I certainly hope that it's not the crunchy style...bad enough his wanger will be rubbing up against the miniature tryke..oh, those abrashions would smart! yikes..! I would consider accompanying him, rolled tightly in pink cotton candy, to honor all the breast cancer survivors (maybe a tryke side car?)...after all, it is breast cancer month...two great causes! I can't guarantee that I
would get to the finish line without a pink hue staining my perky "boobs"~ (the stuff does evaporate quckly) pink bubble gun as pasties is an idea also... could you be there at the finish line MA?
all joking aside, he should get contributors to anty up cash to his cause, based on how long he can stay in that "attire".
s~ xo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wouldn't he be better off traveling to somewhere were there are starving kids and let them munch on him ?

Anonymous said...

Is there nothing this cunt won't do to promote himself? Why doesn't do a sponsored suicide at Dignitas.