Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sun makes up a story to suit a headline (so what's new?)

"10.7m Brits Don't Work (Including the ex-Prime Minister who helped to put them there)," screeches a Sun headline on page 2. Really? Brown is still MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath on a basic annual salary of £64,857.85. As confirmed by the Sun on page 9. Goodness knows what Rupert makes of it all.

Oh, and Rupert's authorisation that Brown fucks off to run the IMF may be ignored.


Anonymous said...

The current Private Eye carries a tale of legedenary fight many decades ago between rival media moguls, a "younger more liberal" Rupert Murdoch and Clyde Packer and his 'oafish' sons Kerry and Clyde. Shurely shome mishtake. Liberal ?. I don't thinks so.Ever.

The Prof said...

The Sun's election campaign was its absolute worst. Juvenile, hysterical and just wrong. There are signs that Rupert is losing his grip, especially given the fact he is not keen on Cameron, and certainly won't be a fan of the coalition. Plainly The Sun and the Murdoch papers are not as sure- footed as they once were in surfing the public mood. I get the impression Rebekah Brooks is mucking up Dominic's editorship.