Tuesday, May 04, 2010

BP oil rig disaster 'close to 19 munitions and explosive dumps'

There are numerous munitions and explosive dumps close to the April 20 BP-contracted oil rig disaster that is gushing crude into the Gulf of Mexico, according to an exclusive report on the US website Planet Waves.

This raises the question: Was the initial explosion on the rig Deepwater Horizon (owned by Transocean) linked in any way to these dump areas?

Planet Waves is edited by astrologer/investigative reporter Eric Francis (featured last month). Editors of the website discovered the listing of 19 explosive dump areas in a government database, and have linked to the document.

Sample: 737 (c) Unexploded Ordnance. "The US Air Force has released an indeterminable amount of unexploded ordnance throughout Eglin Water Test Areas. The exact location of the unexploded ordnance is unknown, and lessees are advised that all lease blocks included in this sale within these water test areas should be considered potentially hazardous to drilling and platform and pipeline placement."

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Alison Cross said...

Mme A wouldn't need to gaze into her crystal ball to realise that unexploded munitions + oil pipeline = potential for disaster.

Is it some kind of terrorist sabotage? Well, referring to my Marine Engineer hubby's knowledge of working in Gulf area it's more likely to be an OFU (operator fuck up).

Ali x

Madame Arcati said...

Fuck up is the most likely explanation. The fact there are dumped explosives in the vicinity raises a question that should at least be reported.