Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Andy Coulson: 'Top News of the World exec approved illegal phone hacking'

Lawyers have secured startling new evidence that 'implies' that a senior editorial executive at the News of the World approved the illegal hacking of voicemail messages from the phones of Sienna Miller, Jude Law and others. The Guardian publishes details of these fresh claims and more: click here.

Former Screws editor Andy Coulson, who is now the Prime Minister's media boss at No 10, and others at News International, have always contended that only Clive Goodman, the Screws' former royal correspondent, used private investigator Glenn Mulcaire to hack mobiles.

The Guardian reports that Scotland Yard has had this new evidence in its possession for years but failed to investigate it. Only a few days ago the Yard gave Coulson the all-clear.

The paper also reveals that 'The new evidence discloses that it was Neville Thurlbeck who signed the formal contract paying Mulcaire £2,019 a week to work exclusively for the News of the World.' Amazingly, Coulson knew nothing of this, or so he claims.

More than 20 former News of the World employees have alleged to the Guardian, the New York Times and Channel Four's Dispatches programme that Coulson knew of the use of phone hacking at the paper - which he still denies. And more than 20 celebs are now in various stages of litigation against the Screws and Mulcaire over breach of privacy.

If the paper settles each of these claims as generously as it did Max Clifford's then it faces a £20m legal bill before costs.


Anonymous said...

They paid Maxy a million quids right? That's an awful lot of botox.

Madame Arcati said...

That figure is not denied by Clifford or NI. And he's not alone is enjoying a cash enhancement from Mr Coulson's former employer in this matter.

hack_daniels said...

Neville Thurlbeck can sign-off hundred grand contracts? (Rather than just wank off at the foot of naturists' beds). What a free spirit Mr Coulson was as a manager. Touching, really.

Anonymous said...

It's beyond belief that Coulson is still in post in Downing St. Cameron must be feeling very cocky with himself.