Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Iain Dale blog announces its murder: Old Etonians held as suspects

As expected, the Iain Dale blog has announced its demise. A nano-second's silence, please. The right-wing Mr D denies he's shutting up shop because the Tories are in power; and attributes his disenchantment with blogging to its damaging effect on his business and whatnot. This may be partly true, but actually the obvious and crassest main reason should not be blithely discounted.

He lost his mojo because the Tories are in power.

While Blair lied through his teeth and Brown impotently sulked and raged, Dale had a cause. The alternative to New Labour had to be preferred at the very least, and Dale was tenacious in the fight. He was an excellent Tory propagandist blogger in opposition. His raison d'etre: to get the Tories into power. And now that the smooth, suave, patronising Old Etonian plutocracy holds sway... oh, dear. Even Dale must see the calamity ahead.

An eroded NHS, a hostile disillusioned student population, local services ravaged, mass redundancies, a war on the poor, sick and incapable, quid pro quo plural privatisations of social services for Tory donors - well, you know all this and the rest. Even rickets is making a comeback.

Could you imagine the Dale blog thriving on a diet of friendly Tory tales amid the government's crazy slash and burn realities? A successful political blog will by its nature ply against power or else just be a fan site - BBC blogs excluded. Dale doesn't strike me as the power fan site type. So off he goes to his LBC radio show and his publishing company to consolidate his ker-ching thing. Wise.

He ran out of a blogging script for the party he will continue to support from the sidelines. Not for him reader withering scorn as he attempted to defend the trustafarian Old Etonians lecturing the rest of us that getting something for nothing is not open to all. In style terms, I'm sure he sensed the vulgarity of his Westminster pals.

A nano-second's pause, please, for a hollow laugh. Meanwhile, will Guido be next?


Anonymous said...

Christ. You predicted this before the election. Your crystal meth, I mean crystal ball is working poppet! X

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Madame Arcati concerned her empty head with political realities. And having read this, I see I was right.

King Herod said...

Rickets is back because kids spend all day playing Nintendo games. The silly cunts.

henry said...

Spot on, Madame, nail on the head stuff. And maybe he's lining up a slice of the Big Society sell-off all for his ickle self with his "New Project" in the pipeline.

But I fear Guido has the sort of personality - all ubermacho and Ayn Randyness - that needs the extreme end of reality politics to shore it up. Bless him, he's the sort of outsider that will do ANYTHING to feel part of alphapack.

Madame Arcati said...

Yes Henry, I do know the Guido person is blase about bullying. Fits the type.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully astute piece. And wonderful to see you're an old leftie.