Monday, June 20, 2011

Laura Van Wormer: Authors' second comings - and a question about Sarah Ferguson

Laura Van Wormer
The bestselling US novelist who co-wrote a historical epic with the Duchess of York is the new MD of an ePublishing venture dedicated to reissuing the work of established or proven authors.

Laura Van Wormer (a former book editor at Doubleday, author of sixteen books and 'The Official Dallas Historian') has joined forces with a 'rocket scientist' to run Advantage, Author Inc. Its goal 'is to empower authors entering the digital publishing arena in ways that will support and expand their writing careers.'

Laura explains on her website: 'About three and half years ago I walked into a large chain bookstore and couldn’t find any of my books—not even Riverside Drive, which had placed me between Leon Uris and Kurt Vonnegut for twenty years. I panicked—essentially because I am an author and the books are the proof. If my books start disappearing I feel like I’m disappearing—which, as a writer, I was.'

This led her roundabouts to the burgeoning eBook phenomenon. Not only could she resurrect her own titles but help other writers get their books back out there using potentially lucrative ePublishing technology. Laura has already enjoyed substantial eBook success - to read about it and her new venture, click here.

Which leaves me wondering - will the novel she wrote with Sarah Ferguson - called either Hartmoor or Wingfield - be released as an eBook? It would make sense. And a packet.


Ciaran Rehill said...

Ask "The Crow". It was the crow wot dun it;)

Madame Arcati said...

Leave Crowie out of it, poor mite.

The late Edgar A Poe said...

Most authors haven't a clue about e-publishing so this is a very interesting development. The trouble with e-books, and all this Kindle rubbish, is you can't just loaf in front of a log fire of an evening with a tumbler of scotch and leaf your way through a book. The heat and the booze would soon come into conflict with the technology. But one must move on.

The late Duchess of York said...

I don't know anything about epublishing but it sounds, like, fun and my novel is the bestest!

An upper class agony aunt said...

Anon - I can assure you that you can read your Kindle near a log fire and get pissed too. What you do is not sit on the grate and do keep the drink on a side table. Voila!