Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jonathan King: The Sun, The Moon, Paul Merton and HIGNFY

The Moon in Me Me Me
The witty topical TV quiz Have I Got News For You? this week had Andy Hamilton suggest that, if The Sun closes down, the new tabloid should be called The Moon.

"What a brilliant name!" exclaimed Paul Merton.

Yes - so brilliant that six months ago Jonathan King's second movie, satirical Me Me Me - premiered in London and screened at the Cannes Film Festival - featured a national British daily paper called… The Moon.

In fact, the film's already had 12,000 full length downloads and views to the free website - you can watch the movie for nothing here. It was the No1 film on YouTube last week for 13-30 year-olds.

The film was revealed exclusively by Madame Arcati last May. Perhaps the scriptwriters should borrow Madame's crystal balls or invite JK back on - I'm sure he's more than capable of giving them a run for their six-figure fees.

To read Madame's 'non-review' of the flick, click here.


Anonymous said...

Can we hear about Jonathan's sex life in jail?

Anonymous said...

I bet Merton said it with a sneer.

Michael Allen said...

Erm, I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, but actually thinking up a newspaper called The Moon wasn’t very difficult, and I did it in 2006 in my novel How and why Lisa’s Dad got to be famous. I don’t suppose I was the first. Here’s what I said about my Moon in the book:

The Moon is a daily paper. Started about a couple of years ago. Naturally it’s a dead crib of the Sun, and does all the things the Sun does, only bigger and better. Chiefly famous because the Sun does a daily page-three girl, showing her tits, and the Moon has a page-three girl showing her bum. That’s what mooning means, apparently. In America. Showing your bum.

How and why etc is now published in ebook form for a modest sum. See Smashwords page http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/41539 for details. It got rather good reviews. I’d forgotten until I just looked it up.

Despite what Amazon thinks, the paperback is out of print. Oh, and the plot is all about a man who has live sex on a TV reality show. Has to have it, that is, as part of the deal, not sneaking off somewhere in the jungle.

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Michael. Over to you, Rupert ....

Jonathan King said...

Sadly Jonathan's sex life in jail only involved my right hand.
Yes - The Moon is quite an obvious name for a tabloid but especially so considering my musical past.
I'm surprised a certain religious organisation hasn't copyrighted it.
Mind you, I found it amazing my domain VilePervert.com was available. I'd have thought it would have been snapped up along with Sex.com

The late Colin Myler said...

The Moonshine might be an apt replacement for the Screws. Its hacks would become Moonies.