Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Princess Diana: Socialite rejects $1.6m offer for 'Diana Files'

Marie Sutton. A remarkable resemblance to Diana in her imagined middle years

Australian socialite and fundraiser Marie Sutton has rejected a $1.6 million American publisher's offer to release the so-called "Diana Files", a book of correspondence between herself and Diana, Princess of Wales, claims the Social Shuttle website.

It reports: "Earlier this year the infamous British blogger Madame Arcati revealed the story of Sutton's 'Diana Diaries'. They read like a thriller as the letters start off as a friendly exchange between Diana, Sutton and Kensington Palace secretaries and Royal aides....Within days of the Madame Arcati story Sutton was fielding offers from publishers around the world."

The exchange of letters was largely preparatory to Diana's visit to Sydney in 1996.

The Shuttle adds tantalisingly: "There are intimate stories of her various lovers and even details of some the world has never known about. The identity of these alone would shock many."

A flavour of the intimate friendship between the two women may be gleaned from an anecdote of Sutton's related on the Shuttle: "Once, as we were driving through the city ... we passed St Mary's Cathedral as a bride ascended the stairs. Diana rolled down the window in her car and yelled out 'don't do it!' to the startled wedding party."

Under what circumstances would Sutton publish the correspondence? Read The Social Shuttle to find out and for the full story.


HOBAC said...

"A remarkable resemblance to Diana in her imagined middle years".

That is, if one imagined those middle years to have been adrift on a sea of alcohol, vicodin, and meat pies.
I doubt Diana would have succumbed to the lure of meat pies over celebrity.

Madame Arcati said...

Are you suggesting Marie Sutton eats meat pies? For all I know she could be a vegan. I had a Quorn sausage once that tasted like incense of church drizzled with urine of onion. I recommend to dieters.

Dame Cunty said...

Is Madame Arcati the Social Shuttle then? Is this an outgrowth of your empire, an Australasian adventure?

Madame Arcati said...


the late Henri Paul said...

you wicked thing-I see Ephraim Hardcastle is nicking your stories for the Mail.

How does Madame do she psychic or does she have a spy behind every potted palm ?

Madame Arcati said...

Oh yes, that naughty Peter McKay. Smack botty.