Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lana Turner still screaming beyond the grave

Lana Turner

As all the action on this site is happening over a post I put up last year on the pathetic Madeleine Foundation - its Express-reading rabble fans think I'm Dame Antichrist (titter) - I suppose I should keep things going up top. Just as I am about to give up for the day - even I am sometimes stilled by a lack of wind - a newsletter from a New York-based medium plops into my inbox. Among its many themes: the late Hollywood siren and MGM queen Lana Turner.

What a great name. The only other Lana I've ever heard of is Lana Lang, the redtop bitch rival of Lois Lane for Superman's cock. Anyone called Lana must be a case.

Anyhow, the newsletter. It's from a medium called Elizabeth Baron ("Liz"). She's quite well known in psychic circles. Her guardian angel is St Catherine of Siena, and Liz believes in aliens. In her latest epistle she tells of a seance she held at the Palace Theatre in NY before an audience of Broadway queens. The plan was to contact the spirit of Judy Garland. Unfortunately the dead diva was so fashionably late she didn't turn up at all. Lana - an old neighbour of Judy in life - did instead.

Liz reports: "Lana Turner came through screaming at her dead husband for molesting her daughter. One of the stars knew her daughter and passed on Lana's cry to her for forgiveness."

Lana was married eight times to seven men so her screaming fit must have been at her fourth hubby, Tarzan star Lex Barker. Lana's daughter, Cheryl Crane, alleged his sexual assaults in her 1988 autobio Detour: a Hollywood Tragedy - My Life With Lana Turner, My Mother. Doubtless Liz is well acquainted with this work lest we imagine Lana was offering an exclusive here.

Cheryl Crane

It's awful to think Lana's still screaming at Lex after all these years. And since Lana and Cheryl were reconciled in 1981 it seems odd that Lana seeks forgiveness through a medium, even though she threw Lex out at the point of a gun when she learnt of the abuse. And last year Cheryl wrote the affectionate Lana: the Memories, the Myths, the Movies which, as the Sunday Times put it, "is a celebration of her mother’s extreme beauty ... in a touching way, it’s also a deliberate act of forgiveness."

There, Lana. You're forgiven. No need to trouble Liz anymore.

(And here's Cheryl's estate agency website in Palm Springs. On her books is this delightful property below in Los Altos, CA. A snip at just under $5m)


Anonymous said...

Every time a nobody who's somebody's daughter, brother or sister wants their 5 minutes of fame, they come out with a fabricated child abuse or incest story. That tune is so tired, I can't believe it still sells paper.

Madame Arcati said...

Cheryl's hardly a nobody. She became quite famous for killing one of Lana's boyfriends. We shouldn't doubt her story simply because child abuse claims are so common.

Blithe Spirit said...

Child abuse claims are common because, sadly, child abuse if far more common than we will ever find out. I suppose we have to be happy for Anon, for if s/he is so oblivious to this fact, then it is because s/he has never experienced such a heart wrenching situation within her/his circle of friends/family - a minority, surprisingly.

MA Darling,
I remember that in the late seventies I read the story of Stompanato's stabbing and, later on, an extract of Cheryl's book in the late eighties, both in magazines. In both instances it seemed like Lana Turner always stood by Cheryl - in every situation - and I don't think that Cheryl ever felt the 'Mommy Dearest' kind of resentment towards her mother. It has always seemed like Lana had quite a difficult childhood herself and, through her lovers, kept trying to find resolution to it only to be attracted to the wrong kind of man every time. It's apparent Cheryl has always been aware of this and accepted her mum's inability to get involved in a relationship that didn't end up being dysfunctional. I wouldn't lump Cheryl in the same bundle as other children of Hollywood stars who have written a book (with claims that may or may not be true) for the money. I truly think in this case the author does it as a way to find closure to her life problems while maybe telling a story that people could be interested in learning about.

Blithe Spirit said...

Oh, I should have also said that although Cheryl probably made it clear to her mother she didn't blame her for how Lana's relationships affected her, I am sure that Lana probably could never quite forgive herself and never stopped thinking of herself as a lousy mother; so, It is very probable that she carried that torment to her grave. But I do have a problem believing that she is suffering in the afterlife for it - she did everything she could to redeem herself and I would like to believe that that gave her peace in the end.

Anonymous said...

Please do more posts like this Mrs Arcati, I love it when you merge Hollywood with the afterlife, it's so surreal.

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

I wouldn't call it surreal's sad, and if you haven't experienced it than I suppose the terminology you have decided to pen is apporpriate in your little odd part of the universe..I call it stupidity on your part..

Duralex said...

<< Cheryl's hardly a nobody. She became quite famous for killing one of Lana's boyfriends. >>

Then she's somebody the Erostratus way, somehow. I agree with the OP, even if Cheryl's story is true, the percentage of abuse claims is way too important in the fame circles, it's highly suspicious.

Anonymous said...

"they come out with a fabricated child abuse or incest story'...but Mommie Dearest was one of the greatest books and movies ever !

weren't there alternative theories about who actually shot the boyfriend ?

Madame Arcati said...

The bf was stabbed to death. It has been suggested Turner herself killed Johnny Stompanato. Who knows? Cheryl.