Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Almine: Mystic countess is now the voice of an archangel

Almine: a model, too
Ah, the Rt Hon the Countess of Shannon! Another one of my favourites. If you're not familiar with this exotic, do catch up via labels over a long drink. She is also known as Almine or Almine Barton, wife (estranged or ex) of the former Deputy Leader of the House of Lords, the 9th Earl of Shannon alias Richard Bentinck Boyle, once the husband of Eurovision polyglot Katie Boyle.

Almine has exceeded mere aristocracy and taken her place among the gods as an Oregon-based global mystic. Thanks to Madame Arcati you know of her reported miracles and whatnot, including her activities involving a python.

What you may not know is that the countess is also a singer-songwriter, the voice of an archangel. I commend her album An Affaire of the Heart, and for a free listen to a few tracks click here. I particularly like The Passion Begins which has the line 'I need your maleness to make me feel complete, to still the hunger and quench the heat.' What she really needs is a fire extinguisher.