Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gia Milinovich, Prof Brian Cox: The curious case of the re-directed hyperlinks

I made a most fascinating discovery lately. A surge of interest in a 2011 post about Prof Brian Cox's excitable wife Gia Milinovich drew me back to it: what was newly compelling about this piece of sharp-edged humour which cast light on Gia's fetish for nuclear power and other science icons?

Then I made the discovery. All the hyperlinks to her blog and journalism had been redirected to Wikipedia and its item on stalkers. Somebody had gone to the trouble to play around with HTML and URL in order to accuse me of stalking the Coxes.

What a fragile grasp has my accuser on stalking.

Two posts in one year on Gia. Two or three items on Brian over two years - the BBC's licensed fool for atheism, posing as an astronomer. As Sir Patrick Moore says in the latest issue of The Lady, Brian is just a particle physicist, not an astronomer - 'no competition', adjudges the 88 year-old TV master of The Sky At Night.

Hardly stalking, then.

But I am keen to draw attention to this attractive, influential, hyper-sensitive pair, Mr & Mrs Cox, who react rather badly to any form of contrariness - I mean, Mrs Cox confesses to blocking 'hundreds' of people on Twitter because they piss her off. Think of all that energy, pressing a button that blocks people. Has she nothing better to do?

Now, I don't accuse Gia* or Brian of attempting to censor my right to express myself in the terms I wish by messing with hyperlinks. I'm sure a sophisticated couple such as they would not stoop to such base tactics. But I think it fair to conjecture that one of their supporters thought that he or she was doing them a favour.

Ah, sweet innocence. Best not to try to lock horns with a seasoned warrior like Madame. Others have tried. Where are they now?

I have removed the hyperlinks on the Gia piece. Just Google her: you'll find her articulate apologies for the nuke industry and his parroting of her views (or vice versa in a romantic coincidence).

The BBC has every right to hire Brian to guess at what's going on in the universe. Just so long as we all understand that he is something of a Trojan for atheistic dogma.

*However, one of Gia's latest tweets - 'You know when a moron's hyperlinking a .jpg & you change it to something else & they think you've hacked 'em? That times about 10. Ha'


Anonymous said...

Face it Madame. you're a crazed old bat, rotting away. But Brian Cox and his sexy wife are fresh and alive. You're just jealous, you sad bint.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on Bitchfaced shrivelled plasticated trollops. Wanna war with Darling MA? Nukes-r-us and we do door to door delivery.
Love you, silly poppet but let's save the Red button for people who really deserve it. This week A4E's Emma Harrison, Britain's largest benefit fraudster with David Blunkett and a host of other Labour MPs as major shareholders, closely followed by IDS, bearing all the hallmarks of a charming sociopath


Madame Arcati said...

IDS is a very dangerous man - I wonder if the dimpled PM knows this. Send me any info. MA is feeling activistic. Is that the word?

Baroness Thatcher said...

Fuck off you filthy cunt.

Anonymous said...

Yes poppettiesque. Tis indeed the word. Watch yer in box. I feel Dangerous. Much to reveal about A4E. Daily Fail carried a story y'day. Barely scratched the surface

Anonymous said...

Go kill yourself you medieval swine.

Anonymous said...

A question for all the panel. Ex cop is stalking moi and posting race hate and homophobia online. Plod do nowt. Any suggestions? Was going to send his address to some members of the Irish travelling community or post his details to the "Aryan Unity" crowd along with salacious stuff on his "other activities".

Oscar said...

Dawkin's commemorative page for the late bore Christopher Hitchens has been removed from his website. Odd, why would you have a page for someone who no longer exists in any single form, spirit , soul or atom?.

Madame Arcati said...

How curious, though I suppose even a dead atheist who can write is better than a live one who can't. Odder is the removal of the page - but then I understand from a recent newspaper report that those of 'faith' have bigger hearts than the oblivionistas - I'm sure that can't be true, and yet that's what was claimed.

I shall write to Derek Acorah insisting he hold a TV seance for Mr Hitchens, RIP.