Friday, October 26, 2012

Hilary Gialerakis: Quartet reissues painter's memoirs - and her joys of Vaseline

The Lotus Eaters by Hilary Gialerakis
Was it really more than four years ago that I wrote about the late modernist artist Hilary Gialerakis (1924-2003) and the oversized penis of her war hero husband Vere Holden-White? How time flies! In 2008 her vivacious daughter Antonia Gialerakis self-published Hilary: An Unquiet Spirit, in which we glimpsed something of the extraordinary life of Hilary through her diary-memoir. 'Vaseline' was mentioned as the solution to Vere's problem. For more, and an insight into art critic Brian Sewell, click here.

Antonia Gialerakis with Quartet Books publisher
Naim Attallah at book launch party.
Photograph by Roger Smith
And I am now delighted to learn that Quartet Books is re-issuing a newly edited version of the book on November 1. Antonia enjoyed a lively working relationship with her strict editor, Gavin James Bower, the model-turned-novelist-cum-publishing thingy. Arcatistes will know all about him - if not, catch up with my first interview with Gavin, titled 'I'm straight but a raving queen...', click here. 

Sadly, I was unable to attend Naim Attallah's launch party for the book at The Gallery Different in London's Percy Street. I remain unpersuaded that Naim and I would ever make bosom buddies, but he has at least the good sense to know quality when he sees it - and I do hope that Antonia's excellent book piques even greater interest in the exquisite paintings of her mother.

 To buy a copy of An Unquiet Spirit:
 The Memoirs and Diaries of the Artist Hilary Gialerakis
(edited and foreword by Antonia Gialerakis), or read selected previews, click here.

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