Friday, October 19, 2012

Molly Parkin: Erotic novel Love: All re-released - and then there's the movie!

Available at just £1.99
Style icon, artist and poet Molly Parkin has just re-released her huge 70s global bestselling erotic novel Love: All in kindle. Lovely portrait on the cover - she was 37 then and pregnant - 'That gave me a glow,' she tells me. 

The book can be bought for just £1.99 here.

Her publisher Piers Dudgeon (of Pilot Productions) has penned a wonderful foreword and afterword on Moll - and delicately plays down the TLS's excoriating denunciation of Love: All in 1974. 'Utterly lacking in style, wit and intelligence,' wrote some sad, forgotten reviewer before cataloguing the novel's literary sexual offences, which included a half rape by a homosexual and the enlargement of the heroine Myopia's anus by a French restaurateur.

Her then publisher Star was so delighted that the review was used to advertise the work. 'This led to massive sales as the "critique" - or rancid attack as I prefer to call it - just about described the entire plot and sexual shenanigans,' Moll says. 'It was my very first review and the chap (I assume) truly went to town.

'Love: All will soon be made into a film thanks in part to that TLS fuck-wit - if he is reading this, if he and his withered scrotum are still alive, having survived my own literary success, he's a cunt.'

The Love: All movie is now well in development. Robert Chilcott is directing. And Moll reveals that the hunt is on for the perfect unknown to play wantonly ambitious Myopia - 'The nationwide search will be like Selznick's quest for his Scarlett in Gone with the Wind,' adds Moll. 'No blondes or brown eyes need apply!

Former CPS lawyer Clifford Allison
 plays Myopia's father in Love: All
''Myopia must look a bit like me. Love: All will have an improvisational quality - sort of Warhol-meets-Woody Allen-meets Mike Leigh.' 

A contact address for aspiring Myopias will be published shortly.

Biba legend Barbara Hulanicki is designing the costumes; performance artist/sculptor and jewellery-maker Andrew Logan (founder of Alternative Miss World) is attached to the project as is celebrated artist Julie Verhoeven as creative designer. Musical director is the awesome composer and pianist Simon Wallace (whose musical TV credits include Ab Fab, French and Saunders and the Ruby Wax Show; and he collaborated with US lyricist Fran Landesman until her death in 2011). And not forgetting ex-lawyer Clifford Allison, formerly of the Crown Prosecution Service's Special Crime Division (now a nude model) - he will play Myopia's father.

Moll explains: 'Clifford is brilliantly witty and he will appear naked in the film - Myopia fellates her father.' 

And I have some other casting news. I shall be playing aspiring Prime Minister, Charles. Moll advises me: 'Charles likes to fuck Myopia three times in a row after or before partaking of gourmet nuggets from a Fortnum & Mason hamper in bed. So, the astrologer of The Lady magazine will be involved in quite torrid love scenes. 

'It's quite all right if you get an erection, sweetheart. Keira Knightley told me that actors wear a tight body stocking for such eventualities.'

With a soundtrack based around Molly's latest poems and lyrics, Love: All will make for a fascinating addition to film festivals the worldover.

Love: All is available for £1.99 in kindle edition. Click here to buy

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A TLS subscriber said...

The TLS 'cunt' - I wonder if it was one Robert Shallow and the review entitled "Lady Chatterley's little bastards."

It began: "TWO RECENT NOVELS—Love : all, by Molly Parkin and The innocence has gone, daddy, by Andr√© Launay — will no doubt return considerable sums of money for their begetters. The only reward that anyone concerned with their production and distribution could have expected a few years ago would have been a stretch in jail."