Monday, October 01, 2012

Obama hosted private Tarot Halloween party at White House

President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama flank Tarot readers,
 Geraldine Amaral (next to Mr P) and Bev Hitchins
Sometime soon I shall post my astrological analysis of the US election - Obama looks like the winner, but there are tricky complications.

Meantime, did you know President Obama hosted a private Tarot party at the White House last Halloween for his staff and others? Perhaps it was widely reported and I missed it. Noted US Tarot reader Geraldine Amaral reports that on October 29, 2011, she and colleagues gave Tarot psychic readings to White House staff and guest military families - the Obamas did not consult the cards but were 'lovely, warm and gracious', reports Geraldine, as the photo above suggests.

The event was 'a donation from the Disney Corporation and the Hershey Corporation.' 

More can be read about the party at her site The Spiritual Tarot.

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