Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lifesurfing 2014: I listened to my public and felled a rainforest

Yes, the paperback
Not all my posts in this, my umpteenth blogging return, will take my new book as its subject. What new book? Oh dear, do keep up. But bear with me as I return to my topic du jour.

Today I extend my eternal gratitude to those preternaturally attractive people at Popbitch who do their bit for mankind by reminding us every week just how dreadfully whorish certain celebs can be. What won't these stars do to flog their, er, books? Popbitch has recommended my book in its latest sexy, exclusives-strewn and sleb-rich mailout.

What new book? Oh dear, do keep up.

There is nothing I won't do for Popbitch in return. Virtually. My head is nestled in their laps, so to speak. And do visit the Popbitch site and get on their mailing list - and learn how the tabs acquire their goss.

Now, in other news. About my new book. It's now out in paperback. Yes, I listened to my public. I heard that some of you cannot cope with e-books, iPhones, Kindles, Kobos and Christ-knows what else, even if we are in the 21st Century and God has been pronounced dead by stage magicians. So, a portion of rain forest was purchased and felled just so you can read my deathless horoscoping on the topic of 2014, on paper. So what if whole colonies of chimps or whatever's furry had to die or be captured for the Attenborough Zoo yet to be built. Don't worry about those cunts. Just buy my book.

You can order a paperback here. And it will be available on Amazon in the next few days. Or, if you wish to save another rain forest I have my eye on, buy the e-book edition: here.

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