Monday, July 29, 2013

Mary Beard outs Oliver Eric Rawlings over Twitter abuse

Cambridge classicist Mary Beard has once again been trolled on Twitter - this time by some bearded twat called Oliver Eric Rawlings. He looks the sort of man who scratches his scrotal sac in public places because he has no idea that he should not. I understand that after he mindlessly posted the message below, Mary outed the filthy swine, prompting the usual outcry followed by Rawlings' public apology. Will he sleep tonight? Or just replicate his tweeting behaviour in other areas of his life?

In happier news, Mary Beard's Caligula documentary is on BBC2 tonight at 9. Catch it if you can.


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Daily Mail reports that Oliver is a 20 year old uni student who lives with mummy and daddy in a gated property. Funny how the rich produce such scum.