Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hilary Gialerakis: After the Vaselined big one, the sale!

Ash Wednesday (The Lady
and the Leopards) by Hilary
Gialerakis. Photography by
Roger Smith
Was it really five years ago that I ran a piece here titled: 'Hilary Gialerakis: Bullet holes, Brian Sewell and a (Vaselined) big one'? Oh such happy days! You can click the link to read it if you have time. But suffice to say, I drew attention to the acclaimed and exquisite work of the late artist Hilary Gialerakis. I should clarify that Brian Sewell, the crumbling, impotent art critic with the Lady Bracknell drawl and wrinkled buttocks, is not the owner of the Vaselined big one of the title. That's someone else's. Seek enlightenment. Discover!

Drawing 6 by Hilary Gialerakis
Photography by Roger Smith
Anyhow, in 2008, Hilary's daughter Antonia Gialerakis self-published Hilary: An Unquiet Spirit, the artist's edited and at-times outrageous memoir/diaries. And in 2012, the fabled Quartet Books chairman Naim Attallah - whose antennae for celebrated talent rarely fails him - re-published the book. You can order it here.

I am now delighted to announce that Antonia has put on sale a few of her mother's extraordinary modernist (original) drawings/sketches and (prints of her) paintings. These really are collectors' items and worthy investments.

Gialerakis' paintings are exhibited here. And the drawings here. Antonia has also blogged on her book, here.

For price, contact Antonia via the Hilary Gialerakis Facebook page (here).


DRF said...

Ha! A friend of mine just bought 20th Century Characters online and it turned out to be the one I gave to Molly Parkin and inscribed for her at her 80th birthday last year. Love to love you, baby


Madame Arcati said...

Oh dear! This is most upsetting. There was quite a clear-out chez Moll of late - your book was I'm sure an unwitting casualty.