Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Eric Joyce MP portrait - and an odd Knight tale

Sketch of Eric Joyce MP. By  M.K. Hajdin. Reproduced by kind permission
Arcatistes of old will know that I love to showcase the work of original artists. So allow me to introduce you to M. K. Hajdin who, as you can see, sketched the lively MP for Falkirk, Eric Joyce. She tells me that she planned to do a whole series of portraits of MPs. But got stuck at Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham for some reason. Mr Burnham has a pretty little face - perhaps M.K. found it too regular, or something.

I should say there appears to be an odd history to Eric's portrait which has involved his girlfriend, India Knight, the Sunday Times columnist. Because Madame Arcati dislikes unpleasantness, all I can do is refer you to M.K's site, Exiled Stardust. Seemingly, India has written M.K. an email. It begins: "Hello M.K Hadjin, it’s Eric’s partner here. My name is India Knight. I read your Twitter account with increasing alarm. Obviously you’re both not well and horribly lonely. You’re also boring. I have more than once suggested that Eric take out a restraining order, but he seems to pity you."

Did India really write that? It seems incredible.Perhaps all those deplorable Twitter bomb threats have got to her. Or the letter was written by someone else. But, still. Let's pass over this unfortunate episode and enjoy M.K.'s work.

PS The London Evening Standard has followed up this story - here.


Ciaran Goggins said...

Sir I am outraged! Could M K Had Gin be F*r*h D*mj*?

Madame Arcati said...

I'm afraid that Madame Arcati will not enter into speculative correspondence - it's as much that I abide rumours of unpleasantness. And I certainly don't believe that an author who lends her name to the august Sunday Times would write such things.

Green Goddess said...

Oh for fucks sake. One wishes one could twirl a paintbrush or is it a Rotring with such stylish elan.

I adore and love you Darlingest. Do not let the name changing shape shifting lardy ladette get to you . You can tell so much by a mouth. Hers is twisted and contorted like an eternal anguished screaming vagina. Think Munch. On steroids and Revlon.

It writes a beauty column for the Sunday Times. It does not follow the aerobic instructor/pilates teacher rule that if you are going to sweat my assets you had better have a better body than me. And if it's writing about beauty, it should have at least a casual relationship with the concept.

POOR Liz Jones.

Madame Arcati said...

Green Goddess, how you remind me of me. These days Madame tries to see the positive, even in raving lunatics who've unaccountably done rather well for themselves and do not stint in their self-promotion. It's hard to love such people but one must try.

Green Goddess said...

One does try. It's quite fun to watch. At a distance. Like an A Bomb. Or in this case an I-Bomb. One must not let one's petticoats become engulfed with these mountainous bilious rages of self promotion and hot air.
always handy to carry a sharp instrument for these occasions. Sutteration and leeches are good too.

BE HAPPY. You're not HER.

Madame Arcati said...

On the other hand the odd kick in the clit is sometimes deserving.

Green Goddess said...

It's an open goal. Careful your foot or other launching appendage is returned safely. It could be quite cavernous down there.