Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kevin Spacey: innocent invitations

Published in 2006: nothing illegal claimed here; just an insight....

On November 20 2001 Kevin Spacey and Jude Law topped the bill along with Dame Judi Dench and Art Garfunkel at the Unite for the Future gala concert at London's Old Vic. Tickets, priced as much as £525, were sold out.

The event had been arranged at short notice by Sarah Farish, the wife of the US Ambassador William Farish, which went onto raise £400,000 for three causes united by the events of September 11th.

Guests included Chelsea Clinton, Bianca Jagger and Vanessa Redgrave.

On the morning of the concert Art Garfunkel arrived at around seven with his "people" and among them was a young, good-looking American man who worked for the singer whom we'll call X.

Kevin took an instant interest in X: his body language changed. After Garfunkel's entourage had unpacked, Spacey asked to be introduced to X. The actor focused on the young man as he does with others: it's a very powerful effect. Later that afternoon Spacey asked to be introduced to two male Eritrean jugglers. He didn't want to go up to them and say "Hi, I'm Kevin". He wanted to be introduced.

That evening the concert ended about 10.30 and the traditional high-spirited after-show party ensued.
Andrew Lloyd-Webber got pretty well pissed and at some point he sat at the piano and sang his old songs - it was all very jolly.

At the end of the evening Spacey joined Garfunkel and a few others and invited X to return with him to the Atheneaum - where they were all staying - for a drink and X readily agreed. In the early hours, as the small crowd milled about at the bar, Spacey said to X: "Do you want to have a nightcap?" He indicated he meant in his (Spacey's) room. X declined.

Towards morning after everyone had retired, Spacey found out X's room number and phoned him asking: "Are you sure you don't want a drink?"

X replied: "Quite sure, thank you".
c by Madame Arcati 2006


duralex said...

Ooooh, listen to this, my buddies, and be scandalized ! Not only Mr. So-and-So is gay, but also, on top of it all, he dares hit on MEN ! Doesn't such a perversion baffle imagination ?

Hey, Arcati, my pure innocent virgin, that's just what I said, you really, REALLY need a wild deflowering party ! :-)))

dinu said...

I wonder how I missed this one !

I love your biting irony, Duralex ! Madame undoubtedly deserves a shag, and I’m sure you’re the most qualified for the job out here ;-)

Seriously, now. Gay gossip is certainly the newest and slyest form of homophobia creeping out of nowhere from the dreary fringes of the Internet. It allows malicious minds to judge and cruelly mock with impunity those who are gay – or rumoured to be – under the virtuous guise of being liberated and tolerant.
I can’t really figure out what’s the use of reporting that kind of uninteresting ‘information’ and obnoxious trivia. If the purpose is to make me despise the gossip-monger and sympathise with the victim, well, congratulations, it’s a full success !

duralex said...

<< I love your biting irony, Duralex ! >>

Thank you !

<< Madame undoubtedly deserves a shag, and I’m sure you’re the most qualified for the job out here >>

I really don't understand what makes you think so :-).