Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kevin Spacey inspires gay novel

I am intrigued to learn that writer Robin Tamblyn is helping to fund the Kevin Spacey lifestyle - or you might think so if you didn't know all the facts.

A little while ago Mr Tamblyn (who has a pet Venus Fly Trap called Kevin) wrote a very fine novel titled King of Hollywood that features a closeted Hollywood movie idol (btw, see Spencer Tracy below) - "He ruthlessly pursued success and soon captured an Academy Award, but could never win that most elusive of trophies - love," it says in the blurb.

In some, but not all respects, this hero's life appears to resemble certain characteristics of Spacey's - to such an extent that Tamblyn has felt it incumbent on himself to share in the proceeds from sales and send Spacey occasional cheques at the Old Vic.

Says Tamblyn, who says he's descended from Elizabethan spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham: "I send him half of the royalties I get for King of Hollywood (and one sixth of the royalties I get for Medium Everything: Collected Writings) in the form of a cheque made payable to the Old Vic Theatre Trust. The first one was for about £20 and I got a nice letter back from the development department saying: 'Thank you for your generous donation,' but since then they haven't been cashed. He doesn't send them back though, so I don't know what happens to 'em..."

Spacey should be proud to be the part-inspiration for Hollywood - a witty, fast-paced gay thriller that ends ... well, not as Spacey would wish for himself. If you want to buy a copy go to http://www.robintamblyn.com/ to start with.


Anonymous said...

If Madame Arcati were as extra-lucid as she claims, she'd already know that Robin Tamblyn is a "she", and a strange case of celebrity stalking.

Arcati said...

That's not the way Robin tells it. You'll have to reveal more.

Anonymous said...

She's a thirty years old english Spaceymaniac, well-known at the Old Vic, who has been harassing Spacey for years on the internet and by the mean of several self-pubished books. Robin Tamblyn is a pen name.
There's nothing else to reveal, it's just the truth.

Zork said...

Ah, a big funny scoop at last !
But I warn you : dont't speak too loud, for if there's actually any freedom of speech on this site, it's madame Arcati's exclusively.
The article "Elton's question to Spacey" and all the comments about it have mysteriously disappeared today.
This is no surprise : some arguments (especially about fanatical gay activism) were REALLY politically incorrect !

Anonymous said...

ROTFL ! I'm trying to imagine the screaming front-page headlines in the Sun or the Daily Mail

– Spacey's outer outed at last
– Spacey's "gay" stalker out of the closet
– So nice to be outed
– Stormy weather for Spacey's cyberstalker

and so on... How fun !