Thursday, March 18, 2010

William Cash: Cruelly betrayed by his London Evening Standard!

Treachery is the coin of newspaper life. But the London Evening Standard's disloyalty to its regular (former?) contributor William Cash is breathtaking. An Arcatiste tells me that a few days ago its City Spy column suggested that William's wealth magazine Spear's hadn't paid some of its writers "for months".

It claimed, "one contributor, fed up with the weeks of waiting, used to go and plonk himself in reception until a cheque materialised."

I am sure an embittered and penniless celebrant of "high net-worth individuals" fed this tale to Spy. Amused followers of Cash will be surprised the paper ran it. For years he has filled pages and pages of ES Mag with his homages to the super-rich - interviews, marital memoir, dispatches from obscure parts of Europe and reports from tax havens with lovely beaches and aristo memento mori - so for his journalistic home from home to stab him in the back like this is nothing short of scandalous.

We must await further news of his magazine's financial status. In the meantime I must add that I have in numerous posts cautioned him against making an altar to money: friendships forged in the world's gilded slops melt away at the first hint of impecuniosity. It is my karmic duty to repeat this message over and over again - I think I must have been the loaded Imam of the Nizārī Muslims in a previous life.


Anonymous said...

Madame, do you still know this gentleman? (Charming but not the tallest.)

Some people I know were very late in being paid by Luxury Publishing, from which Spear's extricated itself before LP crashed, and others got nothing. Not William's fault of course.

nsfl x

Madame Arcati said...

Josh is a poppet, and savvy with it. I'm sure Spear's is merely juggling with cash flow. Still, more detail on LP would be welcome. I love goss. xx

Anonymous said...

The white-haired design man that viewers saw remaking the covers in The Lady & The Revamp is Stefano Arata, who was creative director of Luxury Publishing. Not riveting but a nice link between posts.

nsfl x

Anonymous said...

nothing is William's fault....he does however make sure his holidays and memberships are paid before anything else...