Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Michael Gross: Lust, Lies & Greed beat the de la Renta rich mob

Last year I interviewed one of America's leading delving writers, Michael Gross, about his wonderfully titled book, Rogues' Gallery: The Secret Story of the Lust, Lies, Greed, and Betrayals That Made the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Annette de la Renta (Oscar's missus) and her very rich pals at the Met were so appalled by the book's revelations that she and they quietly campaigned to get the book ignored by the media and by a public usually ravenous for cultural plutocratic filth. (Oh, there you are, Vanity Fair)

So it gives me great pleasure to report that the rich cunts have failed. The book is just out in paperback and Michael informs me that sales to date are "far more than I feared". I have little doubt that Madame Arcati's supernatural powers may have had a hand in all this. No donation required.

Unfortunately the title is still not published in the UK, thanks to our ludicrous libel laws, but the internet happily makes a nonsense of that small detail: buy a copy here. Read how the late Brooke Astor once wore a precious Greek vase as a hat at a boozy Met board meeting - and was tested for syphilis (on another occasion). Not to mention all that juice on Annette: she should be sending huge cheques to Michael for making her sound a lot more interesting than the gossip columns do, the silly bint.

And if you like interesting, do read this insightful interview with Michael in The New York Observer. Of the near-media silence, institgated by de la Renta, that greeted the book's publication, he says: "I didn't think most of the substantial media in New York City would cut off their gonads and hand them to the museum in a jar."

I am only sorry that the profile writer (I forget his name) didn't see fit to mention Madame Arcati. He's such a Gurley.

Michael Gross website


Anonymous said...

It's all a bit too foreign.

Anonymous said...

Most disappointing that the US press are so intimidated by the wealthy of New York.

Mrs de la Renta said...

I LOVE cultural plutocratic filth, whatever that is!

Tristan said...

Nice Blog,

Girls Night Out

Anonymous said...

It's all a bit too like a seleb gossip magazine for non selebs.
Madame i thought you didnt deal in sub tabloid shit?

Madame Arcati said...

Since when have you read about Annette de la Renta and the Met in your Daily Star?