Monday, June 07, 2010

Time magazine tries to give me one (again)

Years ago I took out a subscription to Time mag just to get some free gifts - Christmas cracker stuff, as it turned out.

Long before I cancelled, unread issues lay about in neat piles. Its journalism looked and tasted like mystery meat: highly processed, glazed: not good for the blood pressure. Where was the individual voice? Harshly, I formed the view that anything it claimed or reported - or saw - was probably manufactured to suit its house style gospel. Such is the peril of writing and editing as if attired in pulpit robe.

Time has never got(ten) over my rejection. Like so many of my ex-lovers, it does not take No for an answer. I hear a plaintive ululation at the door (OK, the letter plate needs oiling) and there on the mat lies yet another billet-doux from Time (Discount Services).

The latest offers me a 54-issue sub for just £15. This includes 6 additional issues if I buy now, the 100 Special Issue, the Time Person of the Year issue, any other Special Issues, unlimited access to and - best of all - the Time Privilege Card. If I pay by credit card, I can have my sub automatically renewed at the "guaranteed low rate".

The annual value of this largesse is £162. At just £15, I save £147. This is so generous that an MP would, I guess, have to declare it as a gift. The wonder is what's in it for Time. This is a loss-making offer though perhaps a healthy circulation figure helps maintain high ad page rates.

On the cusp of temptation I visit Oh dear, the latest issue is dedicated to football.



J MacFarlane said...

Sounds like a dating site the late Mr Broxted was involved with. Have you found love yet? Yes since you ask!

Madame Arcati said...

Mr Broxted appears to have more aliases than I.

J MacFarlane said...

Slippery bastard. Mr B not you;)

Kevin said...

You should do a list of the most boring publications in the world. Here's my list:

Reader's Digest
People's Friend
Modern Asphalt
Rosemary Conley's health mag
Time (very boring)

I work at WH Smith's so I should know.

Anonymous said...

I just love you Madame.

Anonymous said...

Time-boring, boring, boring. And you don't get that free gift until you pay up. Save your 15 quid.

Madame Arcati said...

You're right. But you've reminded me that no free gift was offered this time - such as the watch or something leathery. They must be cutting back.