Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peter Simon - and the case of the treasured front loader

Dearest Madame,

So glad to see that you're back blogging and being sufficiently mean to those people who mistake youth for joie de vivre.

Anyhow, your post about Peter Simon was too delicious, and reminds me of the time in the late 90s when our paths crossed, albiet briefly. I was a first year student at Manchester University at the time, and one of my frenemies was having a dalliance with Mr Simon, whom they met in one of the city's oldest nightclubs [name withheld]. Mr Simon was rather on his uppers at the time, having just finished a season doing Double Dare at holiday camps and was in need of somewhere to stay. A situation which led to him moving into my frenemy's room in the halls of residence.

At some point Mr Simon gave some indication of his future selly telly career path when he bought his cohabitee a romantic gift. A tumble dryer.

So glad to see that he's out there somewhere on the space time continuum. Television is a more interesting place for having him in it.

My fondest regards, C x

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