Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sheila Vogel-Coupe: Mature Courtesans website - the review

Sheila Vogel-Coupe
I am astonished at the thousands of new readers who have stormed into Madame Arcati all because of my little post on Sheila Vogel-Coupe. She's in the Sun today, blissfully unashamed to be a practising prostitute at the age of 81. But I am appalled that her disrespectful X Factor wannabe and Frodo lookalike granddaughter, Katie Waissel, was 'vile and vicious' towards her on the phone after singing Help! last Saturday. Help? She can fuck off, dearie.

Anyhow, all this talk of Sheila has drawn me to the Mature Courtesans website where until recently she advertised her person. The madam of this establishment is one Helga who apparently has 'gone away' for now - and I must say Helga's business is a tribute to the kind of fine manners we should expect in these times of Old Etonian governance, even if her grasp on grammar and syntax is not.

'I only cater for gentlemen who prefer the delights of a mature companion,' she announces candidly. Her ladies (aged 35+ up to their 80s) she calls 'entertainers' or 'companions'. Gentlemen must be 'clean and appetising', the sort that might want to take a courtesan to Ascot. Clients are encouraged to bring 'surprise gifts': if they intend to cancel they're invited to be a 'considerate and well-bred gentleman' and call or text.

Most of the Vintage Vamps on display speak several languages and all would not look out of place on a Fred Olsen cruise liner. Bella Martin, for instance, is in her 70s and is described as 'a new star arrived on the Horizon of the Escort Universe', speaks English and French and discusses current affairs. The backdrop to her various picture poses looks distinctly Chelsea Harboury. Like all her colleagues she dislikes a 'Lack of personal Hygiene, Manners, Drunks & Drug-Users.' Not bankers, too?

I particularly like the look of Lady B, 69, who 'has been working as a bunny girl', is partial to champagne and is 'bi-curious'.

Mature Courtesans' purple wallpaper puts in mind the rich decor of an Alfred Tayor male brothel of the sort Oscar Wilde patronised: and the rich use of euphemism (one pays for a companion's time) is entirely 19th century. All that's missing is opium fume. Well, I say 19th Century, yet British law rather compels this kind of nonsense. All ver' Old Etonian-friendly.

Oh my God, Sheila's sex movie!

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Old Boiler said...

This is all too too wonderful!. Do their rates go up as they get older ?. This gives hope to all of us OAPs. Pensioner bus passes all round I say.

Madame Arcati said...

No, the rates are not age-related. But they do vary, depending it appears on location, etc. I think a tart starts at £160 an hour, but the cost can exceed £300. Also there are discount packages available for 4 hours or more.

I think an ideal date might begin at the Dorchester bar, move to the opera, take in dinner at, say, Orso followed by a trip back to his hotel for a comfy shag. I bet an over-nighter must cost at least £1000.

A vicar said...

Yo are right Madame about the stupid law. In the Brighton Argus today, a granny in her 70s was punished in court for helping to run a brothel. She said she did it because she was lonely. I can well believe it. She's now on night time curfew. It really is Victorian.