Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chris Wittwer - 'A policeman gave me hundreds of names of sex offenders'

Chris Wittwer, the so-called Facebook vigilante, operates a website that 'names and shames' people on the Sex Offenders Register - 10,000 to date, including 12 judges and 500 teachers. Farah Damji has produced a short film, Touched, in which Wittwer claims that a policeman supplied him with hundreds of names of convicted child sex offenders and reveals how he was a victim of sexual abuse as a boy. It remains to be seen whether Wittwer's action leads to violence - he describes his site as a tool for parents. I've not looked at his site but perhaps his audience should register their details first if they don't already. To watch the movie click here.

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Joe MacFarlane said...

The Hollie Grieg case? Google it plus Scotland.