Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chantelle's new image!

Celebrity hairstylist Richard Ward sends me a message about Chantelle and her trichological evolution that climaxed in an orgy of Racoon Hair Extensions on the special day she plighted her troth to Preston. Men once bent their spines building pyramids for a royal's astral glory. Now it's Chantelle's crowning glory that drives men to the Quasimodo look. Or, let Richard's PR tell his tale ....

Chantelle visited Richard and his team for a staggering 10 hours to prepare her hair for the big day! After months of discussion and consultations, Chantelle decided to take her hair darker and move away from her trademark goldilocks blonde hair.

Oh My God! But anyway ....

Senior Technician Thomas Simons transformed Chantelle’s hair completely to a gorgeous warm subtle chestnut shade, extensions specialist Sonia Padam then applied new 20 inch Racoon Hair Extensions in soft caramels and coffee for gentle highlighting and volumising effect, which were then cut and blended by Richard himself to create her sensational new look. Richard was then on hand for the actual wedding ensuring her hair looked fabulous for the ceremony and official photographs.


“I’ve been styling Chantelle’s hair since we worked together on her television show and she has been going on about how much she hates her blonde hair since then! We’ve been slowly darkening it but suddenly the day before the wedding she announced she wanted to be really dark! The Racoon extensions and the new rich chestnut colour really made sure her hair was ultra shiny on the day.


It was a mad week as all the press had heard we were doing her hair and were calling me and Hellen on our mobiles and even at home trying to find out where Chantelle and Preston were getting married, but we kept quiet, and just made sure her hair looked gorgeous for the day. The paparazzi were camped outside the salon waiting to glimpse her new look so she donned a long blonde wig to fool the cameras! I was really pleased she decided to take her hair darker, it gives her a fabulous new image for her new life with Preston,” concluded British Hairdressers of the Year nominee, Richard Ward.

A new image for life with Preston! Well, at least Richard's honest.

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