Monday, September 04, 2006

Jeremy Langmead: heroic revenger

, I'll always adore an elegant revenger, and Jeremy Langmead - the editor-in-chief of the wanky IPC mag Wallpaper* - is my new hero.
He'd already impressed me last week when in an interview with Press Gazette he paid "tribute" to one of his past bosses, Veronica Wadley, editor of the imperilled London Evening Standard. After showering some flattery diversionary nonsense on this ghastly snob he revealed not only that she was Daily Mail-esque (an insult among those who know) but that her editorial line was: "I want this feature and I want the person who was in the train crash yesterday, but she's got to be middle class and she's got to be pretty and wearing a skirt."
Female, a bit monied, not lesbian. Tut-tut.
Today in the Indy's Media section, Jeremy exacts revenge on another ex-boss, some monstronsity I'd never heard of called Alison McDonald. Is she still the editor of the Sunday Times Style magazine? Answers on a postcard. But anyway, Jeremy reveals that she has or had a "generous cleavage which often played host to the ash from her filter-held cigarettes ...."
I like that piece of detail, filter-held.
But it gets better.
Jeremy relates how he dared to book a day off to celebrate his birthday after working a 10-month stint without a break as her deputy on Style. Yet just as his dinner party was about to start here was Alison on the phone demanding he write a 1000-word piece about male celebs' bad hairstyles by 11pm.
Alison could be dead for all I know but I wouldn't be too happy about all this information being released into the public domain. What Jeremy fails to say - and here I have some concern about the state of his soul - is that there's legislation against Alison's kind of abuse. Journalism is not going to rise above its present hellhole status unless we stop trying to make light of dysfunctional managers who veil their incompetence by making everyone else's life a misery.
Blessings nonetheless on the handsome hetero, Jeremy.

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