Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Morrissey, Capote & Ernie

The blessed singer Morrissey is an occasional blogger with a disarmingly discursive, clear style. I do hope he's keeping daily diaries for publication in his dotage. He writes indiscreetly, like a man on sodium pentothal, though of course he's not (I'm sure).
In his latest posting at he discusses the novelist Truman Capote, having recently seen the movie Capote in Iceland and been captivated by Philip Seymour Hoffman's lisping impersonation of the master manque.
"I'm not even sure if Truman was a writer at all, or just someone who sneaked around and watched," writes Morrissey. "But he was funny." Then he recalls a delicious moment: "When I put him on the cover of the Smiths single The Boy With the Thorn In His Side a certain member of the Smiths (who unfortunately is still alive) said, 'is that Ernie Wise?' .... dear God ... "

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