Friday, February 01, 2008

Heath Ledger drugs party video

News footage about the Heath Ledger drugs video taken at Chateau Marmont, click here. Entertainment Tonight and The Insider refuse to show the film "out of respect to the actor" which is total bullshit. They have simply yielded to pressure from Los Angeles-based PR company ID-PR, which emailed Hollywood about the "sensationalism" of showing the footage, and to reported calls by major Hollywood stars demanding censorship in effect. The Tinseltown tribe is protecting one of its own and fig-leafing the huge drugs culture that fuels the movie industry. Yet in five minutes' time a Hollywood Heath Ledger biopic will be announced promising lots of drug party scenes. The hypocrisy! - I love it!


veritas said...

Madame Arcati is the very first to mention the idea of a biopic of Ledger's life-which is a certainty. It will have to happen sooner rather than later. Heath was a better actor than James Dean (as was Rivers Phoenix) but didn't quite have the lasting type of charisma to become a legend.

Duralex said...

Another huge hypocrisy is that of the media. Oh how they self-righteously insist on that poor little helpless girl, and how carefully they avoid stating anything defined about Ledger's personal drug addiction ! A heavy marijuana smoker, really ? What's wrong with that ? Everyone smokes a little pot every now and then. But what the blurry images show repeatedly is cocaine sniffing...

All this manipulation is pretty nauseating.

Madame Arcati said...

"Everyone smokes a little pot every now and then." Not me, sugar. There's anough shit in the air and water for passive toxification of the mind and body - but I can understand that the recreational use of certain chemicals may be useful for bonding purposes with whatever's fashionable. Songs and novels may arise from this process, but usually not.

I notice in The Courier-Mail (Australia) that the paparazzi agency Splash News is imlicated in the making of the video film of Ledger at the drugs party in 2006. It was advised at that time that Ledger might sue if the film was broadcast. Now it's the fear of Hollywood reprisals against the media that prevents the six-minute film being seen by the world's publics. But the film will be viewable, we all know that.

Duralex said...

<< But the film will be viewable, we all know that. >>

What's the interest of it ? Is this information ?

Madame Arcati said...

It's seeing something with your own eyes.

Duralex said...

Something, yes, but what ? A made up video, not the reality. You know that perfectly, don't you ?

Madame Arcati said...

It can be seen at the News of the World site now, like I said. Nothing made up so far as I can see. Stop protecting celebs, Duralex - unless you're one yourself, of course.

Funny how you disappeared just like that last October ... I haven't forgotten, and my friends have remarked upon it.

Duralex said...

<< Funny how you disappeared just like that last October ... I haven't forgotten, and my friends have remarked upon it. >>

Really ? I'm so flattered !

Let's try a few hypothesis. Maybe the truth is included in the list, maybe not.

1) I was expiating my sins in a monastery.

2) I was on a trekking in the Himalayas.

3) I was shooting a movie in the depths of the Amazonian forest.

4) I was taking care of my dying mother.

5) I was enjoying a honeymoon in the West Indies.

6) I was writing a psychosociological study about the gossipmania in the Anglo-Saxon culture.

What do you think ?