Friday, February 15, 2008

Nicky Haslam: 'I am the new Jerry Hall'

My darling and artistic friend Fish has a blog which I think uniquely has three full stops in its name: Suck. On. That. Do click through to her movie of Nicky Haslam in which he declares himself the "new Jerry Hall" on account of his sitting next to Mick Jagger at some do. Click here. (Post 69, Feb 11 '08)

PS I understand that Nicky and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter have been in cahoots of late - possible discussions of a specially adapted extract from Nicky's unpublished memoirs? I would most certainly buy that copy. VF's latest Hollywood edition is pretentious shit, btw. Getting a bunch of young actors to pose in photographic tableaux vivants of classic scenes from Hitchcock films is soooooooooo boring and old. Annie Leibovitz is such a tart, especially after sucking up to old Liz II for that recent TV bio-doc - she should be ashamed of her harlotry. Bloody Queens.

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SUSAN said...

I was extremely disappointed when Mr Haslam decided not to publish his autobiography after all. I was all set to review it for a posh broadsheet newspaper in what the lit ed called ' a fascinating match.'
Perhaps Duncan will give us his memoirs instead.